Mark Church

San Mateo County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer

★  Vision   ★


The Next Four Years

The following are some of the programs and initiatives that I will propose to improve and enrich the delivery of services to the residents of our county.


The Assessment Property Tax System – will require one of the largest capital investments in our Department's history. The design and implementation of the new system will require significant Department resources and funding. A team of technical and functional experts will be brought together to begin the process of planning and assessing the technical and functional needs of the new Assessment Property Tax System.

Electronic Submission of Building Plans and Permits – In an effort to improve workflows, reduce staff time, save paper and speed the assessment process for new construction, the Electronic Submission of Building Plans and Permits from the County and cities to the Assessor's Division will be initiated.

Electronic Submission of Assessor Forms and Documents – will simplify and improve the public's ability to submit and retrieve various forms, documents and notices. This initiative will also improve our staff's workload efficiency and processes.

Website and Social Media – Initiatives will be undertaken to improve the department's Website and Social Media Design and Functions.

Mobile Applications – Mobile Applications will be initiated to improve public access to the department's services, programs and information.

Cyber-Security – A continuous and ongoing effort will focus on implementing the latest cyber security technology to protect our technology infrastructure and vast public and confidential databases.

Policies and Procedures – Increase the use of technology and staff resources to update, catalog and digitize the Department's numerous and complex policies and procedures.

Election Services

Hart-Intercivic Electronic Voting System – The process of evaluating the replacement of the existing electronic voting system which is nearing its estimated lifecycle of 10 years will be commenced.

All Mail Ballot Elections - Support Assemblyman Mullin's bill AB 2028 which proposes for San Mateo County to participate in a pilot program testing the All Mail Ballot election process for local, special and consolidated elections.

Human Resources

Employee Training and Development – Significant resources will be allocated to expand the present employee training and development programs with emphasis on technical and functional skills-based training.

Employee Engagement and Communication – In cooperation with our employee organizations, the implementation of Labor-Management Communication Committees to improve employee engagement, communication and customer service at all levels throughout the organization will be initiated.

Succession Planning - Planned retirements and staff vacancies will require a thoughtful succession plan for the transfer of organizational memory and knowledge through the use of career ladders and promotional opportunities.

Customer Service Initiatives

Communications - Communications with residents, taxpayers & the voting public will be enhanced through improved and interactive websites, use of social media and mobile applications.

Telephone Systems - New and improved telephone systems and scripts will increase the efficiency of staff to manage the thousands of phone inquiries to our Assessor, Clerk-Recorder, and Elections Divisions.

Public Access Terminals - Upgrading of the public access terminals to provide the latest in hardware and technology to improve access to the largest database of information in the County.

Customer Service Training and Workshops - will be a regular and continuous process for all employees of the Department.

Historical Preservation of Documents

Implement a major initiative to preserve and protect the irreplaceable historical assets of our County dating back to 1856.

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